Hey👋🏾! I’m DanielRaymondNielDozie

A lead product designer @Multonion,
formally the lead designer @ByteWorks

Previously at Slate AfricaSQTeHealth4everyone

What drives me

  • Art

    I have always been an avid lover of creativity and art. This has always been a drive for many of my passions in life.

    The idea of creating something magical and beautiful from a thought. Amazing!

  • Music

    The one thing that can get me through any moment in life.

    Music has always been an important element in enabling my creative process with my work and basically every other aspects of my life.

  • Knowledge

    A bit different from the others but knowledge has always been the pilot of anything I do.

    I love to read books, listen to talks and push myself to learn new skills because of this one factor... more knowledge