TimelineDec 2021 - Apr 2022 (4 months)

TeamDaniel Obiekwe, Simon Joseph, Chudalu

RolesUX Design, User Research, Frontend Mockups

Project Overview

NFT Giant (formally Fivehiver) is a digital marketplace designed for artists and creators to buy and sell NFTs as physical or digital products and services. NFTs can be sold within the platform in the Ethereum blockchain network.

Whats the problem are we trying to solve here?

NFTs are very accessible globally, but with so many regulations placed by the Nigerian government on crypto exchange (and how it affects accesses on the blockchain network), getting access to these global platforms are often times difficult or just plain tedious.

What the team did

We started a team with me as the lead designer for this projects where our goal was to explore other NFT platforms and see how we can bring this revolution into the Nigerian ecospace, working together with various national bodies(sadly due to the political nature of the problem) in other to tackle these challenges.

Key Features —

Bid and Buy NTFs

Sellers can charge more for their products due to the bidding mechanism, while users can keep track of the fluctuating bid prices. Either instantly place a bid on the item or wait to see whether the price increases or decreases. Sellers can also define the bid expiration time and date to make bidding more exciting.

Secure Trading

Building a secure NFT marketplace is essential as invasive assaults are happening increasingly frequently. Sufficient security protections are present to fend off attacks like DDOS, CSRF, and SSRF, so users can trust us and focus on marketing.

NFT creation & management

NFT Giant offers the NFT creation and management feature. Creators can upload their digital assets to the platform and mint them as NFTs. Moreover, the platform offers capabilities for managing NFTs, such as the capacity to view, modify, and transfer ownership of NFTs.



  • We interviewed our friends and acquaintances as suitable participants for the interview were hard to find.
  • Some teammates initially struggled to relate to the NFT technology due to a lack of personal experience
  • Convincing and getting national bodies onboard was initially difficult


  • We require more interviews to understand the workflow process from both NFT sellers and collectors.
  • It is necessary to conduct additional testing for the user interface (UI) to improve its usability

The results from the research and analysis done were finally coming together and the final visual design and high fidelity prototyping of the application were worked on.

Visit the Prototype →