TimelineDec 2021 - Oct 2022 (10 months)

TeamDaniel Obiekwe, Innocent .C, Solomon Oni, Jerry Udoh

RolesUX Development, User Research, HTML - CSS Mockups

Project Overview

DentalDoor is an e-referral platform that streamlines the process of referring patients for dental treatment, increasing the likelihood of them scheduling and attending appointments.

Whats the problem are we trying to solve here?

As many as 50% of medical (dental) patient referrals in the US are never scheduled, seen, or completed. For the most part, receiving specialist do not even know about the referred patient because they never received the referral form.

Depending on location, referral pads average anywhere from $700 to $2000 per year to a specialist office.

What the team did

dRefer has incorporated easy to use tools to keep referring provider in the loop and follow the progress of referred patient journey through the referral process from sending to completion.

Key Features —


With dRefer, referral processes are efficient, eliminating referral leakage, lost, forgotten or delayed referrals.

Referring office can easily collaborate with specialist in real time, follow up with patient when treatment is complete.

Affiliate Program

When user referrals create an account with user affiliate link, they will earn up to 30% commission on every subscription made through that link.

When people click on an affiliate link, they are immediately added to the affiliate's network where they can track their status right from the affiliate dashboard.

Dental Office Profile

From their profiles, dental offices is constantly on the loop of what is going on within their offices.

Specialist offices are also able to track treatment progress right from the platform.



  • Customer communication was initially difficult due to time zone differences (about 10 hours)
  • We needed to have a good understanding of the medical (dental) space in another country, which we tackled through user research.


  • Patients need to be able to login and access the platform as well, not just operate as guests.
  • Securely integrating the platform with 3rd party services used for patient medical records and doctor appointment booking.

The results from the research and analysis done were brought together and the final visual design and high fidelity prototyping of the application were worked on.

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